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About Us


Nicole Thompson, PMHNP-BC, LCSW, RN

Nicole Thompson is a seasoned mental health professional with a rich and diverse career journey. Beginning as a Social Worker for the Massachusetts Department of Social Services, she honed her skills in advocating for vulnerable populations and supporting families in challenging situations. Her experience as a social worker for DSS expanded as she transitioned into providing clinical services, leveraging her expertise in various clinics across New York, Alabama, Texas, and Florida during her husband's military career. Her roles in private practice and with the Department of Defense provided her with extensive experience in addressing a wide spectrum of mental health concerns. After her time as a Social Worker, Nicole decided she wanted to be able to do more for her patients and began her journey to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. She gained her nursing license and worked as an ICU nurse in Tennessee, immediately beginning her studies as an NP. Currently, Nicole specializes in a variety of conditions, including patients across the lifespan as young as 3, special needs, anxiety, depression, Bipolar disorder, substance abuse, trauma, and ADHD, among others. Additionally, Nicole has been married to her husband for almost 15 years, who was active duty military. They have three daughters and their middle daughter is profoundly deaf and utilizes cochlear implants to hear, also having high functioning autism. The youngest daughter has undergone three brain surgeries due to a medical condition. Nicole shares this information to underscore that everyone has a story, and that story isn’t always an easy one to tell. She appreciates your trust in her for your mental health needs and looks forward to assisting you in reaching your greatest potential through improved mental health. It is our honor to serve you.


Southern Mentality, PLLC, is dedicated to transforming mental health care. Presently, we're delivering top-notch tele-health services, catering to individuals across North Carolina. But wait, there's more! In the near future, we're amplifying our commitment by extending our services to include in-person consultations, exclusively for those in Charlotte and neighboring areas who prefer a physical touchpoint for their mental well-being. Stay tuned for our expansion, as we strive to redefine accessibility and excellence in mental health care. Your journey to holistic wellness is about to take a momentous leap forward with Southern Mentality!


At Southern Mentality, our mission is to provide unwavering comprehensive psychiatry services that span every phase of life, catering to children, adolescents, and adults alike. We're committed to guiding you towards realizing your highest potential by addressing emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs.

Whether you're grappling with depression, anxiety, navigating life's stressors, or confronting substance abuse, our mission is to stand beside you throughout your journey, offering unwavering support and care. We firmly believe in a holistic approach, tailored to meet you exactly where you are, fostering an environment that allows your true self to thrive.

Join us at Southern Mentality, where our mission isn't just to provide care, but to join you on your journey to mental wellness, enabling you to flourish and embrace your full potential.



  • Psychiatric Medication Management
  • Substance Use Treatment, including buprenorphine/buprenorphine-naloxone treatment
  • Individual Counseling- Coming Soon
  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluations

We provide services to children as young as 3 years of age and throughout the life span.

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